3 Non-Traditional Curling Irons That Will Change Your Life

(Photos by Getty)

Maybe we're all just getting lazy and impatient for the holidays to get here or maybe braids and crazy topknots have overstayed their welcome (nah) but on the red carpet these past few weeks, Hollywood's leading ladies keep forgoing intricate updos in lieu of loose, simple-to-style waves.

Now this is great—fantastic even!—for girls with cat-like agility who've somehow conquered precision styling skills, but for those of us who are inept with a classic curling iron (ahem) this news falls, well, flat.

Thankfully, stylists and hot tool brands, alike, caught on to our hairy situation and crafted up a cool solution—hair tools so simple to use they're like pushing that big red "easy button." (No really, one iron actually curls your hair for you with the push of a button.) Check out these three unconventional—but life-changing!—hair tools that are sure to give you gorgeous waves in just a snap.

For messy curls like Katie Holmes...

... Try the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver, $189 at QVC.com:

This curling iron is, no lie, probably one of the easiest tools I've ever used—it mechanically curls your hair on its own! After clamping down your strands (the clamp is only about an inch tall, so it sections hair cleanly) you choose which way you want the curl to go, left or right, and hit the "GO" button. Hold for 10 seconds and ta-da: Amazing beach waves. Watch how it works, here.

At first, I was totally freaked that this thing would eat up my hair like those horrific malfunctioning Cabbage Patch Kid dolls back in the day (remember those?) but I was elated to find how much control I had over the iron. In less than 10 minutes and zero awkward wrist contortions later, I had effortless waves. That easy.

For loose, wavy ringlets like Malin Akerman...

... Try the Runway Tools EasyCurl Curling Iron, $160 at Runwaytools.com:

As a fellow shoulder-length-haired girl, I die for Malin Akerman's sultry good-girl-next-door-gone-bad waves. And until now, I never thought I could pull off her tousled ringlets. Enter the EasyCurl curling iron—like the name says, this gadget makes curls easy.

Instead of forcing you twist to your wrist while crafting the curl, the iron features a cushy turn-pad you spin with your thumb. (See how it works here.) Although it takes some getting used to in the beginning—I actually got a lesson from the iron's creator, hairstylist Avi Elkayam, who recommended practicing at low-heat for your first few tries—once you get a knack for the thumbswipe (way easy for smart phone users, btw) you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

For ravishing ripples like Megan Fox...

...Try the CHI Digital Ceramic Deep Waver Iron, $129.95 at Ulta.com:

The wavy squiggle-looking plates might conjure images of your crimper from yesteryear, but this super-fast and stress-free tool creates covetable waves without that dreaded poofy poodle effect. (Seriously, I actually once had a kid call me "poodle head" in middle school after a bad run-in with my Christina Aguilera-inspired crimper. Never again...)

While this iron is probably best left to girls with ultra-long locks a la Megan Fox—lesson learned: if you wave too close to your scalp it looks a little Paloma Faith—ladies with less length can still make it work by using the waver closer to your ends. Brush through your mane to create soft, ripply waves that are full of shine!

Tell us, which of these ladies' looks do you covet the most? Would you try any of these unconventional curling irons? What tricks do you use to create stunning waves and curls? Sound off in the comments, below!