Here's a Sexy Little Hair Trick Every Straight-Haired Girl Should Try

(Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images North America - 2, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America)

While there are an infinite number of hairstyles out there, if you prefer to keep your look on the effortless, unfussy side, your options are seriously diminished. That's precisely why we think you should try this simple little hairstyling trick if you want to set yourself apart from the rest (especially if you tend to wear your strands bone-straight).

Notice a common theme in the photo of actresses Stefanie Scott and Debby Ryan and model Constance Jablonski above? They're all doing what we like to call the 'tress tuck.' Whether you part your hair off to the side or right down the middle, tucking one side of your hair behind one ear is a coy way to simultaneously open up and shield your face. It's the beauty equivalent of the age-old cat-and-mouse game; it's equally as engaging as it is uninviting. (Oh, and here's one big bonus for those of you with lots of length—barrettes or bobby pins aren't even required!)