Hair Color for Women Over 50

If you're looking for hair color ideas for women over 50, you've come to the right place! We compiled a few of our favorite fabulous celebs over 50 to show you the trick to their winning hair color.

If you have olive skin like Raquel Welch, consider subtle highlights around the face. These strands of lighter color illuminate Raquel's complexion.

Mary Steenburgen is another star over 50 who has a lot of dimension in her hair color. Soft chocolate highlights help prevent her base color from looking too severe.

Cheryl Ladd certainly doesn't look her age, and that's thanks in part to her natural looking ombre hair color. Golden highlights towards the ends of her hair give her a sun kised hair color.

Beverly Johnson also uses lighter highlights to brighten up her complexion and give her thick hair depth. This rich hair color would look excellent on a woman over 50.
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