Miranda Kerr's Favorite Workout, Beauty Detoxing, and More

Miranda Kerr (Getty)Dr. Oz's latest nutrition-savvy guest gave the low-down on the 10 best foods for a "beauty detox." Puffy eyes? Uneven skin? Find out what to eliminate and what to load up on to be your prettiest you. [Dr. Oz]

Speaking of pretty, FitSugar got the inside scoop on Miranda Kerr's fitness regimen of choice: She relies on toning ballet moves to stay in shape. After seeing the legs—and abs, and arms—on Dancing With the Stars, I buy it. Watch the vid for some total-body tricks I can't wait to try tonight. [FitSugar]

I'm also curious to test out Self's latest "5 minute abs" routine. Sure, the touting of 5 minute anything is usually super gimmicky, but this baby is (allegedly) backed by science. With Memorial Day's poolside BBQs looming, count me in. [Self]

While we're on the topic of bellies we'd like to keep at bay, Fitness Mag has some legit advice on beating bloating. No wonder so many celebs swear by starting their morning out with a warm glass of lemon water. [Fitness]

If you're like me, you steer clear of over-sugared breakfast cereals thanks to their bad press. But, if you crave that crunchy AM kick, there are actually some healthy options. Unfortunately, Cinnamon Toast Crunch does not make the list. Tear. [Fitness]

In other yummy news: As the days warm up, this Thai iced coffee bar is sounding better and better. [Women's Health]

Finally! We know the truth: knuckle cracking is cool, crunches are not. Get in the know on the most prevalent health myths here. [Cracked]

So this is what my boyfriend has been begging me to do for the past few months. Well, minus the whole hair-cutting and not-shaving thing. Could you do it? [YouBeauty]

Need some more inspiration to get moving (aside from Miranda's ridiculous figure)? Shape gathered some of the best motivational fitness images from Pinterest for a little kick-start. Love! [Shape]
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