Hot New Workout Trend: 500 Ways to Use a Tire With Amenzone

Hot New Workout Trend: 500 Ways to Use a Tire With Amenzone(Courtesy: Amenzone)

We spoke with celeb trainer Amen Iseghohi, founder and CEO of Amenzone Fitness, a back to basics fitness program (known for its unique tire workout) that fosters mental, spiritual and phsyical strength. With 20 locations across the U.S. and a two-part DVD series, this unique approach to health teaches us why less is more, and how to train for life's challenges. (Plus, we get to work out with tires.)

What was the initial inspiration behind developing your mind-body Amenzone Fitness workout program, and working out with tires?

"It began from my experience as a kid in Africa. We had nothing but tires and the environment. When my grandmother worked out with us, she would focus on the fitness part of it, she would focus on empowering us as kids. That was the genesis of my relationship with health and fitness…and tires, to be more particular. That really resonated with me as a kid, and it stuck with me all through my adult life. There is more to being fit than fitness."

Yeah, the mental aspect is such a key part of overall fitness and heath.
"It's got to come from deep within. If you feel good about yourself, then you care about how your body looks and how everything else falls into place. And I feel that's what's missing in society when we think about health: a lot of folks think about health just from the exterior; the vanity. That's why at every Amenzone location, we do not allow mirrors. We feel as though the mental and spiritual part of it, and looking within for strength, is the authentic part of fitness and our philosophy."

How do you teach that philosophy?
"The workout itself speaks it. You have to build the right environment and that's what we've done. With just one tire, we can do more than 500 different exercises. We've proven it, we don't just talk about it. We've created workout facilities based on doing more with less. Most people don't even see a tire as a workout tool. But that's my point. In any environment, you can use whatever is available to you. 'I have tires. What do you have?' That's my question and challenge to people in general. It's not the machine that makes you healthy and fit, it's what you do within yourself. So it's more of a statement than a tire."

Can you share one key Amenzone tire move?
"Oh, there's a lot of stuff we do with a tire. Upper body, lower body, core workouts. [One signature move] you can see in our videos is [you raise the] tire over your head, and squat down. When you squat down, the tire comes down your shoulders, and when you come up the tire's fully extended. It's a powerful move because a lot of people think they can't do that until they try, and they do it! That's part of the mental boundaries that we cross, too. There's a lot of stuff with our tire workouts that you see, and you talk yourself out of it like you talk yourself out of a lot of things in life. If you don't try you don't know, and that's where our motto comes from: you're 'training for life.' Because the challenges in life are a lot tougher than the challenges you find in the gym."

Also, check out the Amenzone Foundation, which fights childhood obesity while promoting better self-esteem for a healthier life.

Hot New Workout Trend: 500 Ways to Use a Tire With Amenzone(Courtesy: Amenzone)