Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful in a Just-Released 1969 Interview [VIDEO]

There's a brilliant new series on PBS called Blank on Blank, which features reimagined animations of previously lost or undiscovered and unreleased recorded interviews. One of our favorite in the series so far is Howard Smith's interview with The Doors' Jim Morrison in November 1969 wherein Morrison talks about how he ate a lot of carbs in college and gained a bunch of weight.

"I felt so great," he said. "I felt like a tank, you know. I felt like a large mammal. A big beast. When I'd move through the corridors or across the lawn, I just feel like I could knock anybody out of my way, you know. I was solid, man. It's terrible to be thin and wispy, because, you know, you could get knocked over by a strong wind or something. Fat is beautiful."
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