Here's One Easy Way to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

(Courtesy Roxy)

I'm old—and being old, I may or may not have some wisdom to dispense. Here's my master-of-the-obvious brain-dropping of the day—just in time for week two of 2013, when new year's resolutions start to slip:

One of the easiest ways to get motivated to exercise is to have workout clothes you really really love.

That way, when you get up in the morning, or when you get home from work, you'll actually want to slip into those running pants and take 'em for a fat-burning spin.

Sound easy? It's not, not really. Because not only does this lovable workout wear need to be functional—i.e. sweat-wicking and form-fitting enough to not get caught in the your rower/bike/treadmill/elliptical/stairmaster machine—but it also has to look good (slimming, flattering, cool, not-embarrassing) and, most importantly, feel good (to me, this often means: soft, no irritating tags).

After a hundred years of experimentation (that's me, I'm 100), I've found that my hands-down favorite workout getup includes: Brooks' "Utopia" thermal running tights ($85—my favorites used to be a pair from Under Armour, but they were discontinued), crewneck fitted-but-not-too-fitted gym T-shirts from Joe Fresh or "Perfect Crew" tees from Hurley, secret socks from Spanx ($10—yes, Spanx makes socks), and Adidas' Marathon 10 shoes ($85). When my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. every morning, I hit snooze twice and then think about the fleecy softness of Brooks' running tights (sounds pervy, no?) and get out of bed.

Yes, lovable workout clothes can work wonders.

Anyway, this rotation of new favorites is always changing—so I'm super-excited to see that Roxy (one of my all-time favorite women's activewear brands—especially for surf gear!) is about to launch its Outdoor Fitness collection—in stores January 17th! The new collection will include hi-tech fabrics infused with UV protection, water-repellent and sweat-wicking fibers, soft seams, mesh ventilation, and four-way stretch.

And, priced from $24 to $108, Roxy's new Outdoor Fitness collection is one that won't break the bank! Check out some of my favorite pieces from the new range, right here.

I'm loving this racerback sports bra that features adjustable straps!

And a sporty two-piece bathing suit! Love.

I'm always in the market to try out some new running leggings (but I'll never give up my Brooks!):

What do you think of Roxy's new Outdoor Fitness collection? How are you staying motivated in 2013? Tell us in the comments section below! And don't forget to check out on January 17th!
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