4 Surprising Things About Gwyneth Paltrow You May Not Already Know

(PacificCoastNews) Gwyneth Paltrow has some secrets!

Somewhere along the way to becoming the world's most-hated celebrity (okay, even we have to admit that's a bit of hyperbole if we ever heard any) actress and GOOP-y lifestyle influencer Gwyneth Paltrow has managed to cultivate a rather annoyingly squeaky-clean, ultra-healthy, super-privileged, rather preachy reputation.

But in a recent interview with the Irish Independent, the actress dished out four little-known facts about her lifestyle. Check 'em out—you might be surprised!

1. She never gets up at night, not even to pee. "I don't wake up in the night, ever. I sleep like a rock," she said.

2. She goes to bed with her makeup on! "I did that last night," she told the Independent. Shocking! We're shocked!

3. How she'd compare abs with Madonna. She wouldn't call her up to brag—"Why rub it in?"—instead, she said: "I'll Polaroid my abs and text them to her." Good tactic.

4. She thinks she comes off healthier than she actually is. "You know, I think people think I have a healthier image than I actually have. I'm very much about the balance. Always do a little bit of the bad stuff while you're trying to be good."
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