Get Cameron Diaz's Guns at Home, What Could Be Causing Your Bad Hair Days, and More

Cameron Diaz (Bauer Griffin) Does anyone in Hollywood have more enviable arms than Cameron Diaz? Or legs and abs for that matter? The buff beauty's trainer, Teddy Bass, doesn't want you to think this Hollywood bod is unattainable. Here are his six stay-at-home moves to get CD results. [FitSugar]

But if you prefer a video for workout motivation, I love Shape's Bikini Belly Bootcamp for summer. Short, fast, and with some new moves that will keep you from getting bored. [Shape]

If you've been suffering from some painfully inconvenient breakouts like I have, you might want to look over Prevention's five acne myths. The diet correlation is really making me question my recent yogurt addiction. [Prevention]

Speaking of diet, Fitness Magazine gave a thorough roundup of what you should buy organic and when you can save your money. They even go so far as to cover beauty products and clothing! [Fitness]

The mag also has a new amazing tool to get hooked on—it compares the nutrition of all the best snacks out there so we don't have to pore over labels in the grocery aisles. Brilliant. [Fitness]

By the way, that fish oil supplement you've been taking is still totally worth it. Despite that nasty after-taste. [HuffPo]

And for the millionth time, let's not skip breakfast, people!! Apparently it can even lead to diabetes. Yikes! *Scarfs down oatmeal* [Health]

Oh, and there might be a reason (other than snoozing) for your frequent bad hair days. It's in your water—and not the kind you drink. [BlissTree]

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