Ringing In the New Year: StyleBistro Editors' Beauty Resolutions

(Photos by Getty; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)New Year's Eve has come and gone, and it's time to start looking forward to the upcoming year. For many, that means making resolutions. Instead of making a long list of goals we probably won't accomplish by February, the team here at StyleBistro has decided to compile a list of attainable and real beauty goals that will help make us look and feel beautiful. Whether that means switching to all-natural products or trying a bold new lip color just for the heck of it, we're determined to feel good, be healthy, and look good doing so, simultaneously! So we present to you, our beauty resolutions to make 2014 the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful year yet.

1. Go Natural

"I'd really like to steer away from chemicals and try more natural products," said Senior Associate Editor, Tanya Leigh Washington. "I'm currently on the hunt for a good (lathering! volumizing!) shampoo that falls into that category because I have a (probably irrational) fear that all those products will eventually make my hair fall out. Not ideal." Not ideal, indeed. Our Executive Editor, Ann Brady, is also making it a priority to incorporate more natural, organic, and eco products into her routine. Go green.


Applying sunscreen everyday is something our dermatologists have been telling us to do for years, and in 2014, we vow to make it a daily priority! "I have a very bad track record of avoiding sunscreen," said Associate Editor, Caitlin Miller. "For years and years, I thought my skin was invincible to the sun's rays. But when I learned melanoma is the the second most common cancer for women in their 20s, I realized sunscreen is more than just a suggested addition to the beauty routine. It's a must!"

3. Hydration Station

Bottoms up, ladies. We'll be filling our Nalgene's to the brim this year. "Being from California, I'm not used to winters as cold as the ones in New York, which distract me from hydrating regularly," said Associate Editor, Katie Davidson. Not only is a daily dose of H2O good for your overall health, but it can help smooth skin and fight pesky dimpled legs. Water never tasted so good.

4. Zzzzs are Key

Life can get hectic and there are some nights when four hours is a good night's sleep, but there's truth to the beauty sleep theory. While you're sleeping your body produces hormones crucial for collagen production i.e. keeping skin young and supple. "Get enough sleep and drink enough water," said Contributing Editor, Simona Rabinovitch. "Those are true beauty secrets."

5. Show Skin Some Love

Skin is the body's largest organ, so why not show it some love? Brady is planning on using a dry body brush weekly to eliminate dead skin cells and keep her skin healthy. "The health benefits are endless." While Washington, on the other hand, is opting to try the face oil trend. "As someone who has battled acne-prone skin my whole life, I've always avoided oil like the plague, but I've been researching kinds that are actually supposed to be great for my complexion. I just love the idea of nourishing my skin rather than constantly stripping it."

6. Flash 'Em a Smile

"This is a weird thing to admit, but I love my teeth," said Miller. "I wore braces for years and years, so I'm really into keeping my teeth clean and straight. This year I want to up my game and be sure to floss every night and brush for a solid two minutes each brush." So even if that means taking our toothbrushes to work each day, we're determined to make our gums and teeth a priority. And no, our dentists did not pay us to say that.

7. Primp—Because We Deserve It

(Mario Magnani/Bauergriffinonline)Sometimes you just want to put on makeup and do your hair! We get that, so this year we're planning on taking time to try a beauty trend, learn a new makeup trick, and primp ourselves because we deserve it. "I resolve to learn how to do my own smoky eye," said Brady, who has her eyes on Too Faced's Smoky Eye Collection. Davidson also wants to dabble with a new makeup trend. "I have recently enjoyed adding bold lip colors into the mix and even selecting as an accessory to match my outfits," she said. "Sometimes, I apply first to get me excited about putting on the rest of my makeup."

8. Focus on the Positive

(All photos by Getty unless otherwise noted)And last but not least, the most important of our beauty resolutions is to focus on the positive. "I resolve to focus on qualities I love about myself when I look in the mirror instead of criticizing my pimples, wrinkles, or pores," said Rabinovitch. "All throughout high school and college I was super insecure about my frizzy, curly hair," said Miller. "I straightened it to death! But now I've started to embrace my big hair and see it as a part of me. And you know what, I've gotten more compliments now with my natural hair than I ever did when I used a flat iron."

What are your 2014 beauty resolutions? Share them in the comment box, below, and join us as we vow to make 2014 the year of beauty—inside and out.
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