Katy Perry's Extremely Intense Vitamin Regimen, the Proven Way to Slow Skin Aging, and More

Katy Perry (Getty)So apparently Katy Perry is into vitamins—really into vitamins. "I'm all about the supplement & vitamin LYFE!" she tweeted with this photo:

But are vitamins for a healthy adult really necessary? Some studies show they could even be dangerous. The verdict is still out. [HuffPo]

You know that daily sunscreen you've been layering under your makeup everyday? Well, science has proven that it's going to pay off. A study showed that sunscreen really does slow skin aging. In fact, one dermatologist noted, "You can call sunscreen one of the only true 'anti-aging' ingredients on the market today." [HuffPo]

If, however, you wind up with some unintended overexposure to the sun, check out these home remedies for helping your skin recover. [Self]

Let's move on to food. Have you ever heard of the Nordic diet? Me neither—until now. Turns out it's as heart healthy as the Mediterranean diet and will even makes you look prettier: "The anti-inflammatory effects of the diet—which can be traced back to the antioxidant-rich berries that grow abundantly in these areas—help prevent breakouts, rosacea, wrinkles and sagging, which can all be perpetuated by inflammation." Welp, I'm in. [YouBeauty]

And if you've been considering giving up meat, this may just convince you. [BlissTree]

You probably already know that artificial sweeteners aren't exactly the miracle health solution we all hoped they were. They can even confuse your body into storing more fat! But which ones are the worst culprits? Find out right here. [FitnessMag]

To leave you on a totally unappetizing note, let's talk dandruff. Do you know what really causes it? And which products actually work to resolve the issue? Pretty fascinating stuff. [Prevention]

Meanwhile, Katy Perry's extremely shiny hair has persuaded me to pop a multi.


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