Stacy Keibler's (Really Hard) Ab Workout, Probiotics for Your Skin, and More

Stacy Keibler's (Really Hard) Ab Workout, Probiotics for Your Skin, and More
Stacy Keibler (Flynet Pictures)FitSugar officially unlocked the secret to Stacy Keibler's ridiculously toned abs. The trainer responsible for her and Pink's 6-packs revealed some hardcore moves in a short video clip that will get our guts in tip-top shape. Try it out..if you dare. [FitSugar]

For those of us who spent the majority of our lives keeping bacteria out of our pores, a new study just revealed these efforts were probably counterproductive. Womp. Researchers found that "those with clear skin had 'good' bacteria that appeared to keep the 'bad' pimple-triggering bacteria at bay." The answer? You guessed it: Probiotics for the skin. Fortunately, the beauty industry is ahead of the game with some probiotic products already on the market. [YouBeauty]

But, buyer beware, steer clear of these 12 (common!) toxic ingredients that could be lurking in your skincare regimen. Yikes! [BlissTree]

In other frightening news, L-Carnitine, a nutrient found in red meat, has been officially linked to heart disease. Yet another reason to turn to life-lengthening fish. [HuffPo, WebMdD]

In case you wanted another reason to be grateful spring is here, Google trends suggest that mental health searches are significantly lower in sunnier seasons. Yay? [Health]

It's the epic battle: creamy peanut butter vs. crunchy peanut butter. Everyone has a strong preference for one or the other, but who wins out in the health department? Prevention breaks it down for us. [Prevention]

Exciting news in the world of oatmeal! Seriously. It's the little things. [Shape]

In case that doesn't get you jumping out of your cozy sheets to start a new day, here are some smart tips to waking up your happiest. [Intent Blog]

And just for good measure, here's another look at Stacy's core in all its glory. Planks here we come.
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