What Lily Aldridge Eats Before Showtime, 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods, and More

What Lily Aldridge Eats Before Showtime, 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods, and More
Lily Aldrige (Getty) Remember that whole debacle when Adriana Lima revealed that she lives off protein shakes for a week and deprives her body of water for 12 hours before the big Victoria's Secret crazy parade*? Well, fellow lingerie model Lily Aldridge share her own prepping tactics with Refinery29. Turns out she does Ballet Beautiful for training and loads up on salmon and veggies pre-show. Apparently she's much less extreme than Ms. Lima. Or less forthcoming. [Refinery29]

Prevention homed in on 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods that we should all load up on. You'll be happy to know dark chocolate did make the list. Phew. [Prevention]

And since I'm in a list-y mood, dig into these 27 metabolism-boosting ideas. It happens to include my favorite hobby: snacking before bed. [FitSugar]

You know it's spring when even your Facebook newsfeed has allergies. If you're in misery, too, there are certain foods that can help (and hurt!). Quick rundown? Eat grapes but avoid wine. [Shape]

Confession: My cushy yoga mat has a permanent spot on the floor, but sometimes the thought of getting all the way down there to do some leg lifts is just too much. That's why I was (sadly) excited by these six ab moves you can do standing up. [Shape]

Do you know what causes hiccups? Don't worry, scientists don't either. But they have a hunch it's a bug in your breathing reflex. The solution? Anything that stimulates the back of your throat, apparently. My preference is a spoonful of peanut butter. It works, I promise. [YouBeauty]

In case you needed more motivation to get out and enjoy the spring weather, here it is: Self outlines all the reasons you should ditch the treadmill (aside from its overall suckiness). [Self]

*Who doesn't dream of walking down a runway with a huge iridescent palm leaf attached to their back??
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