Struggling to Get to the Gym? Three Real Ways to Get Motivated

Erin Heatherton Does Yoga in the Rain(Source: Bauer Griffin)
Excuses, excuses. When it comes to making it to the gym, running track, or yoga studio, it often feels like there are as many reasons not to hit it as there are to go. (Especially when one wakes up at the crack of dawn to exercise.) But the truth is, it all comes down to a single word. Ready for it?


So what motivates you? What's the big why behind your workout? To better figure out how to access our own fitness motivators, we spoke with Lashaun Dale, Equinox's Senior National Group Fitness Creative Manager.

"Connect and check in daily with your why," she says. "If you are not sure of your motivation and why it is important for you to bust a sweat for at least 30 minutes, then it is very easy to move something else more pressing and seemingly urgent in its way." The solution? "Keep picturing your dream: the event or vacation you are training for, a picture of you when you were at your hottest, the dress you want to fit into in a few months. That might seem superficial, but it's meant to act as a trigger to wake up your desire to make your dream to be the best you a reality."

Once you've got that motivation on lockdown, next step, says Lashaun, is to commit.

"We all know that we spend countless wasted moments on low-level tasks that don't impact the quality of our lives. If you are committed, you can look at your schedule and rearrange it to block 30 to 45 minutes for movement. Book it in pen on your calendar. If you show up and commit to at least getting through the first ten minutes of your workout, you most often will feel fine to continue for the duration."

And a last motivation booster for that final strech: reward.  "Choose a power song to play when you are trying to talk yourself out of it, and get dressed," says Lashaun.  "At the end of the workout, reward yourself with a green juice or another ritual that you appreciate––even if it's browsing Facebook and posting about your accomplishment. Creating the habit with emotional anchors is the key to making it part of your life."

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