Models and Bottles: The Fitness Accessory Gisele and Others Swear By

(Source: Stickman/Bauer Griffin, bkr, Gonzalo/ as we’re running out of excuses to ditch our New Year's exercise regimens, here comes further proof from Hollywood that working out needn’t be a total drag. Exhibit A: the cheery-colored silicon-and-glass bkr water bottles spotted in the hands of gym-bound celebs, including Gisele, Naomi Watts, and Olivia Wilde
(Source: earth-friendly bottles ($28–$38) are simplicity at its best: lightweight, spill-proof, BPA-free, and 100-percent recyclable. No wonder avowed Earth mamas such as Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone are fans.

(Source: better, the bottles are available in a veritable rainbow of runway-inspired hues, from jade green and soft lilac to the fluorescent pink Nikki Reed chose for a recent sweat session.

(Source: FameFlynet Pictures)We love that the company debuts new colors each season, giving us all the more reason to hydrate in style. Pick your favorite on-trend shade—and leave your plastic bottle behind for good.