Would You Try: Stashing Your Gear In a FlipBelt

Would You Try: Stashing Your Gear In a FlipBelt(Courtesy: Flipbelt)As warm weather inspires us to exercise outside, so begins the great dilemma with which all stylish fitness enthusiasts are familiar: where to stash our stuff while we work out. Why gamble with cumbersome tricks such as stashing keys in secret pockets and socks, or the good old "stuff my money, keys and credit card in a baggie and safety pin it to my waistline" routine, when the new FlipBelt ($28.99) can store your stuff in style––sans bulkiness, no jangling or bouncing, and without compromising your freedom to move. 
Would You Try: Stashing Your Gear In a FlipBelt(Courtesy: FlipBelt)Even your cell phone fits into this innovative accessory, which is available in a rainbow of eight colors, and in various sizes. Made from a special spandex-lycra blend you'll feel comfortable sweating up a storm in, the FlipBelt is moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and machine-washable––just like your favorite exercise clothing. Just put on the belt, which sits tight and safe around your waistline and looks like a splashy band of color. The items stay secure and flat around the waist, while the belt remains tight and bounce-free.

But what do you think of this idea? Whether you're heading to the gym, on a bike ride, or out for a run, would you try it? Let us know, in our poll:

Poll: Would You Try: The FlipBelt
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  • Definitely. Who wants to bring a purse to the gym?
  • Not for me, I prefer the old-school keys-in-sock trick