I Just Bought Jennifer Aniston's Secret Workout Weapon, How Facebook Can Make You Happier, and More

Jennifer Aniston (Getty)Who doesn't love the idea of eating to lose weight? Well, it turns out there are actually foods that boost your fat burn for realzies. Looks like green tea, hot peppers, nuts, and avocados are a good place to start. [Shape]

Newsflash! Apparently Facebook isn't just a torture device that pumps out enviable vacation photos and keeps you uncomfortably connected to your ex. According to Women's Health, social networking is actually a mood booster. Researchers found that looking through old photos you or your friends posted has uplifting results. So feel free to cruise through that NYE 2011 album at lunch today for a quick pick-me-up. [Women's Health]

All right guys, I finally bought a kettlebell. In case you're not familiar, it's pretty much a heavy ball with a handle that was developed in Russia. And while I'm not aiming to get ripped like a male gymnast, I've read nothing but awesome things about the workout tool. After two weeks, I'm already obsessed. Prevention lays out all the reasons to get on board, including the fact it burns 20 calories a minute and Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Biel all use one. (Hot tip: TJ Maxx has some steal deals on workout gear!) [Prevention]

Weird news of the week: Your breath can tell if you're obese...or will be in the future. It has something to do with the amount of bacteria in your gut. Fun. [WebMD]

You know that vent-fest you have with your mom/BFF/boyfriend that feels so good? Unfortunately, it's not so good for you. The alternative? Some old fashioned problem solving. And perhaps some kettlebell. [Women's Health]

Easter is this Sunday, and while you might be fantasizing about biting the ears off of a hollow chocolate bunny, FitSugar outlined for us just how depressingly high in calories Easter candy is. But how about we tell ourselves it's totally okay as long as we detox after with this anti-bloat breakfast smoothie. [FitSugar, Self]
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