How Beyonce Lost 57 Pounds After Her Pregnancy—Her Favorite Food is Pizza!

(Getty Images) Beyonce

Beyonce opens up in the new issue of Shape magazine and reveals how she lost 57 pounds after the birth of her first child, Blue Ivy. Also, fun fact: Beyonce's favorite food is pizza! Our favorite food is pizza, too! We must be soul sisters.

"Breast-feeding took care of the first 30 pounds," Beyonce said. "I was amazed at how the weight just fell off me. But I had to work very hard to lose the last 25 because I'd scheduled a show just three months after I gave birth. Let me tell you, I'll never do that again!"

But how did Beyonce do it? Shape reveals that Beyonce dropped the last 25 pounds on a low-calorie diet and regular dance workouts. She says that she always thinks of her body in her Crazy in Love video as her ideal weight—note: she shot the video when she was 20-years-old. Behold:
"Some people prefer the gym, but when I have to put on workout clothes and run on a treadmill, I get bored," Beyonce said. "The rehearsals leading up to a tour always get me in shape, so I never have to feel like 'Oh no, I have to get up and go to the gym!'

"Believe me, I'm not a naturally thin person," she said. "I have to work for it."

And, as for how she controls her pizza cravings? She gets to eat it once a week—at a cheat meal on Sundays.
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