Marisa Miller's Fab Ab Tactics, Your Face on Stress, and More

Marisa Miller (Bauer Griffin)Marisa Miller may just have the fiercest abs of the Victoria's Secret bunch—and that's saying something. So what's her secret? From planks to eating naked, get the scoop on her conventional and not-so-conventional methods here. [Women's Health]

So it turns out stress isn't just bad for your insides, it can actually make you less attractive. Yikes! Accelerated aging, acne, weight gain, and hair loss all can be attributed to the chronic anxiety issue. [HuffPo]

Perhaps that's another reason sleep is so darn good for your complexion. It's time to get serious about your shut-eye, take it from this dermatologist. [HuffPo]

Aside from cutting Zs, there's another ingredient you can infuse in your life to help improve your skin: seaweed. It's anti-inflammatory and dense in nutrients that calm irritation and stimulate collagen production. Yes, please! [YouBeauty]

Especially if that means getting closer to this sort of glow...

Olivia Palermo (Getty)I'm also pretty excited to try some of these natural summer beauty products. No scary chemicals, phew! [Well+Good]

I don't know about you, but I'm always studying food labels in the grocery store aisles trying to figure out what snacks are actually good for me (and will taste good, too!). Fortunately, Shape did the work for us with their 2013 Snack Awards. My personal faves on the list? Chobani Bites and Oikos' Greek Yogurt Dip. Yum. [Shape]
And while we're on the topic of snacks, let's delve into the complicated truth about carbs. My favorite food happens to be be bread...but what's your verdict? [Refinery29]

Oh, and in case you want some more motivation from Marisa's six-pack:
Marisa Miller on a Bikini Photoshoot(Bauer Griffin)
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