We Did Yoga with Victoria's Secret Angels & Lived to Tell About it

(Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret) Supermodels Bregje Heinen and Candice Swanepoel took a yoga class with NYC writers to celebrate the launch of three new Victoria's Secret collections.

Taking a 45-minute yoga class with Victoria's Secret Angels—heaven or hell?

On one hand—being able to say you did a downward dog next to Candice Swanepoel and Bregje Heinen, um, amazing—not to mention the best conversation starter with any guy, ever, for the rest of your life.

On the otherhand, when you think about it, that means you have to stand next to a supermodel in spandex—spandex!—for 45. painstaking. minutes.

In celebration of the brand's three new collections to launch this month—one of which is a body care line rightfully called "Love My Body"—we, and a few other NYC writers/yogis, decided to check our insecurities at the door and embrace our bods in VSX yoga gear. (Fashion editors have tough lives, right?)

(Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret) Now we know why Candice looks so good on the runway—Look at that form compared to the rest of us!

Thankfully, none of the poses required us to channel our inner-Cirque-du-Soleil-performer, and aside from just a few minor nip-slip scares—those push-up sports bras really, um, do their job—we were refreshed and excited to check out all the new VS products soon to hit stores.

Body by Victoria bra collection, $49.50 & up

The Body by Victoria bra collection (starting at $49.50) is crafted in an updated naughty-but-nice lace construction that's seamless and invisible under clothes. The line features six styles—demi, push-up, perfect coverage, front-close racerback, wireless, and multi-way—and includes shades such as acid yellow (a sweet, sunny citrus) and neon peony (a pretty, punchy pink, seen above).

Body by Victoria fragrance collection, $49 to $65.

Sex is more-or-less the name of the game with the flirty new Body by Victoria fragrance, but for a lingerie line that hosts a half-naked fashion show each year, are you honestly that surprised?

"Body by Victoria is inspired by the sensual feeling of lingerie against bare skin—the rush of femininity a woman gets when she wears her sexiest pieces," according to a statement.

This sexy-time feeling smells like mandarin, peach, raspberry leaves, and water blossoms, with middle notes of orange flower, ginger lily, magnolia, and lily of the valley. Plus a hint of musk, precious woods, sheer amber, and orris. (Whew—talk about a getting busy, er, busy mix of fragrances).

The scent comes in a perfume, fragrance mist, lotion, body wash, and candle.

Love My Body daily body care collection, $12 to $15.

The third, and final, new arrival to grace VS shelves on August 14th, is the Love My Body daily body care collection. Infused with skin-nourishing ingredients such as argan, coconut, and monoi oils, we loved how the formulas left our skin with a smooth silkiness that wasn't overwhelmingly-scented or sticky.

The line includes the Nearly Nude Body Wash ($12), the Amazing All Over Body Lotion ($15), the Seriously Soft Body Cream ($15, and our fave!), the Indulge Me Body Oil ($12), and the Can't Resist Body Mist ($12). Each of which comes in four scents: jasmine and waterlily, white tea and sage, grapefruit and basil (heart!), and orchid and bamboo.

(Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret) The Body by Victoria fragrance collection and the Love My Body daily body care collection.

Are you a fan of VS beauty products and lingerie? Um, we most definitely are—even though we probably won't be working out with the Angels again any time soon! Let us know in the comments what your can't-live-without favorites are and if you'll be checking out the new collections later this month.

Now please excuse us while we go perfect our tree pose.