Hot New Workout Trend: Music Yoga

Hot New Workout Trend: Music Yoga(Source: I.AM.YOU) Whether you prefer Live Acoustic Vinyasa classes at Yoga to the People, or Live Music Karma classes at Modo Yoga, music and yoga go together like gin and tonic––okay, maybe not the most holistic example, but you get the drift. The ancient alchemy of movement and sound, of truly listening, is called nada yoga.

"Nada yoga is the yoga of sound," explains Lauren Imparato, founder of NYC-based studio I.AM.YOU, which offers a variety of music classes that feature a live DJ. "It is an ancient practice, part of the tradition of yoga since its inception, aiming to create a musical meditation for your body and mind—one that helps you create and transform you into your ideal you, by listening to the true you. Ultimately, the purpose of nada yoga is to connect with the sounds of the inner you. Or as I say at I.AM.YOU., to create your own personal soundtrack."

Hot New Workout Trend: Music Yoga(Source: I.AM.YOU)While different yoga studios offer varied approaches to music, at I.AM.YOU., classes fuse physical postures with a dedication or philosophical focus and music. Before each class, the DJ creates a bespoke MusicMix inspired by a given theme, or sometimes, according to Imparato, a "killer MusicMix" inspires the yoga teachers to "link the physical and the philosophical together." Plus, like many of their peers, I.AM.YOU has eschewed old-fashioned sitars in favor of modern beats, including hip-hop, jazz, rock, punk, techno, flamenco, salsa, pop, and more. "We play the music loud, and it is tailored to the flow of the class," she explains.

On a more practical level, it's so much fun. And no matter where you practice, music can provide awesome physical motivation to carry you through sweaty, intense, and challenging classes, while also helping you focus on rhythm and movement––and hence, get out of your head. "You need the music to take you there, no matter what the 'there' is for you on that day," concurs Imparato. "We change every day, and are confronted by different challenges every moment. Some days you may just need to sweat. Others, to eat a salad. Others, to rock out. By making music such an integral part of wellness, we transform how we listen, see and interact with ourselves and everything around us, so that you can create your ideal you in your ideal world, from the inside out."

Hot New Workout Trend: Music Yoga(Source: I.AM.YOU)