Mark My Words: Prancercise is the New 'Call Me Maybe' [Early Stage VIDEO Proof Here]

Ladies and gentlemen, BEHOLD: Prancercising, a 1980s-era low-impact exercise and fitness regimen that's making a comeback in 2013, thanks, in large part, to the internet.

What is prancercise? It involves prancing... like a horse. Or, more formally defined, according to the official website: "A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation."

Elation—do you hear that, people? Elation! See how elated this lady and the Photoshopped horse are?

Anyway, here at StyleBistro HQ, we're pretty sure that Prancercise is about to blow up into the next "Call Me Maybe." It's already spawned about a dozen copycat and spoof videos... check 'em out here!

Here's someone prancercising in a unicorn mask:
Here's a prancercising makeup tutorial:
Here's some Canadian prancercising:
I can't tell if this video is earnest or deeply, deeply ironic:
Here's a group of nurses prancercising in a hospital corridor:
Here's a prancercise Gangnam Style remix:
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