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I'm a sucker for superhero movies. I have been for years –– but especially since watching Iron Man when Robert Downey Jr. first put on that clunky metal suit way back in 2008. But I grew more and more disenchanted with the world of blockbuster superhero movies as it seemed less and less likely that we'd get one starring Black Widow, or Catwoman (with like, an actual storyline; sorry not sorry, Halle Berry), or, you guessed it, Wonder Woman.

Now that the tides have turned, I will say that I still felt less than particularly enthusiastic to watch Wonder Woman in theaters. At first. But holy Hera, am I glad I did. And I'm here to convince you to do the same if you haven't yet seen it. Read on for all the reasons why Wonder Woman is the superheroine we all sorely needed –– and why you need to go see her in action on the big screen ASAP!