My Favorite Giftable (and Get-able!) Things, Right Now

(Courtesy of Madewell/Courtesy of Suck UK) 

Wouldn't it be great if after you read my list of favorite things, you could peek under your chair, and all of my picks would be there, Oprah-style? Sadly, I can't make that happen. But I can give you some ideas for fun gifts to give (and get!) this year. 

(Courtesy of Madewell)

1. Madewell Sequin Lightbox Dress, $158

Do you guys know how hard it is for me to find a sparkly dress that I'll actually want to wear more than once? I've been looking for years, but I think this one's it. The thing that makes it so amazing, is its versatility. It's the blank slate of disco ball party dresses. Like, I could see a Kardashian slipping this on, adding some spindly Louboutins, and calling it a day. But I could also see Alexa Chung wearing it, with a white button down layered underneath, and some metallic oxfords, you know?
(Courtesy of Opening Ceremony)

2. Barunson Donut Earphones, $25

I'm constantly losing earbuds, but maybe that would change if I had ones that are shaped like tiny, adorable frosted donuts. 

(Courtesy of

3. Katjes Saure Johannisbeere, $6.90; Les Anis de Flavigny Violet Hard Candy, $4.75

What's better than getting candy? Getting fancy foreign candy! These German red currant gummies are just tart enough, and these violet-flavored hard candies are so eccentric French great aunt. Gift baskets full of exotic candy are the best

(Courtesy of CB I Hate Perfume)

4. CB I Hate Perfume At the Beach 1966, $80 to $95

Do you know someone who really hates winter? CB I Hate Perfume's At the Beach 1966 scent is like summer in a bottle. Seriously, one spritz will cure your seasonal affective disorder. While most "beachy" scents smell like overly sweet coconuts, this fragrance is a mix of Coppertone suntan lotion, salt water, and watermelon rind. Mmm.

If smelling seasonally inappropriate isn't your thing, CB also has some cold-weather scents, like the fantastic Russian Caravan Tea, which smells like books and fireplaces. Trust me. 

(Courtesy of Sears)

5. Suck UK Cat Scratch Mat, $33

Cat scratch pads are so ugly, yet so necessary if you don't want your kitty sharpening its claws on your couch, or your shoe collection. Suck UK's turntable cat scratch mat is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than your typical scratching post, and much funnier. Buy one, blast some techno music, watch your cat go nuts on it, and pretend the little fuzzball is a famous DJ. 

(Courtesy of Barneys) 

6. Commes des Garcons Wallet, $105

Fact: Even the snobbiest fashion kids love Comme des Garcons. And this star-print wallet is adorable. Win-win! 

(Courtesy of Sherry-Lehmann)

7. Pommerey Pop Champagne Rose 4-Pack, $60

Lots of things are cuter in miniature form: mini-horses; mini cupcakes, and, I'd argue, mini champagne. Surprise your hostess with a party pack of bubbly—these guys are so fun to open.

(Courtesy of Opening Ceremony)

8. Deer Dana Dolly Parton Tee, $60

Do you know anyone who doesn't think this woman is a national treasure? And, if you do, do you really want to buy them a holiday present? 

(Courtesy of 20x200; Courtesy of DryBar)

9. 20x200 Gift Card, $24 to $6,000; Drybar Gift Card, $10 to $250

Gift cards are tricky. Sometimes, they can say "I had no idea what to get you!" But these two are exceptions, I think. A gift card to online art gallery 20x200 is perfect for a friend who is decorating her apartment—the site's prints are super-afforable, and they have tons of amazing artists on their roster. And, a gift card to a blowdry salon, like Drybar, will only run you about $30, and your friend who is addicted to having super-glossy blown-out strands will be so psyched. 

(Courtesy of The Wild Unknown, Courtesy of Kenzo) 

10. The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards, $75; Kenzo Tarot Cards, $33

Designer tarot cards are the new designer stationery. If your friend reads her horoscope every day, and knows the color of her aura, she'll love these. Plus, tarot reading is a great party trick.

(Courtesy of Milktape)

11. Milktape USB Mixtape, $15

College kids, help me out. Do people make mix CDs anymore? And, if not, how do you let someone know that you like them like them? Milktape's brilliant tape-shaped USB holds about 15 songs, and plugs straight into your computer, plus you can decorate it with your track list. So much sweeter than drop-boxing someone your music, right? 

(Courtesy of Catbird)

12. Catbird Pave Moon Necklace, $160

Ahh, this diamond and oxidized sterling silver half-moon necklace is so pretty, don't you think? Buy it for someone special. Or, you know, treat yo self. 

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