Santa Baby, Slip Some of These Under the Tree For Me

Nobody wants to be the person known for giving awful presents. And yet, I'm fairly confident everyone has at least one person in their life who consistently gives them hideous sweaters, whimsical socks and unfortunate trinkets. Unless some serious re-gifting is taking place, we're pretty sure most of these people didn't intend to spend their hard-earned cash on a gift that instantly winds up in the donate pile. While I'm no gifting wizard, I try to avoid giving and receiving cat-shaped purses and oversized Santa Claus statues by only giving to people I know well enough to buy a thoughtful present for. I also tend to drop lots of hints (hope you're paying attention folks!).

Don't get me wrong, I agree that when it comes to gifts, it's the thought that counts, but there is such thing as giving a thoughtless present. And in my humble opinion, there's nothing that says, "I don't know you as well as you think I do," than giving a person who hates the color pink a magenta sweater, or the person who loathes technology a stack of Best Buy gadgets.

Fortunately, giving a memorable and well-loved gift doesn't have to cost lots of money (Nothing on my list costs over $60!). All it requires is that you pay attention to the person you're shopping for and do a bit of planning before you hit the mall. Here are a few things I'll be giving (and some that I hope to receive) this year!

1. ASOS Book Clutch with Metal Corners
I have a handful of friends who, like me, tend to be hopeless romantics. I've also found that clutches, whether they be vintage, colorful, bowed, or patent leather, make perfect birthday and Christmas presents because as far as I'm concerned, no girl can ever have too many purses.

2. Emily's Féte for a Queen Plate Set
I still have yet to master the whole domesticated goddess thing (and most likely never will), but I do have huge admiration for those in my circle who frequently try out new exciting pinterest recipes, especially when they invite me over to test things out. What better way to express my gratitude than with this splendid plate set?

3.  Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask
Out of all the movies, I seem to know more people who claim Breakfast at Tiffany's as their favorite than any other. The Audrey lovers in my life can possibly expect one of these useful and oh-so-retro sleeping masks in their stockings this year.

4.  Steal Her Style by Sarah Kennedy
Buying clothes is a very personal and tricky thing. I've found that unless I have a person's exact measurements or a specific wish list, it can go very, very wrong. But to give my favorite fashionistas something related to their favorite hobby (shopping), this book is just right.

5. 49ers Shirt for Her and 49ers shirt for Him

Being a football fan used to mean sacrificing style every Sunday in favor of oversized football jerseys and parkas. Luckily, there are now a ton of much cuter and stylish options for those of us who love sports as much as we love fashion. For men, I love a fitted shirt with a retro logo. And for my fellow female 49er fans, this off-the-shoulder top is the perfect mix of sporty and cute.

6.  H&M Dress

Some of my very favorite childhood pictures feature my cousin and I wearing matching velvet Christmas dresses. While we were lucky enough to have ours made by my very talented aunt, this darling H&M dress is too cute for words and the perfect choice for parents of a girly little one.

7. Frontgate's Italian Leather Flask
To ensure nobody ever accuses me of re-gifting, there's nothing more personal than a monogrammed gift. This leather flask is masculine, functional, and something he'll keep forever.

8. Tinley Road's Pavé Dome Stud Earrings
I just love the idea of giving my friends a little something sparkly this time of year. Just be sure to know whether the recipient is a gold or silver girl, since most of us have a definite preference. If they prefer silver? Check out these Kate Spade posts.

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