Here are a Bunch of Things I'm Giving (and/or Hoping to Get) This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping isn't easy. Sometimes I just want to buy everyone I know a bottle of vodka, a tube of Terax Crema, stick a bow on it all and call it a day (to be honest, I don't think there would be any complaints). But despite all my laziest and most thoughtless inclinations, even my grizzled, icy, shriveled little black heart finds there's nothing sweeter than seeing someone's eyes light up when you've given them something really personal, thoughtful, and truly delightful.

To that end, here are a handful of things/presents/goodies that I'm personally loving for their giftable-ness this holiday season. The list includes super-luxury to-die-for once-in-a-lifetime gifts (like this mindblowing Tom Ford nail polish set, above), super-practical they'll-use-it-everyday-and-think-of-you presents (like the Bobble water bottles, below), and all-around-awesome-thing-that-cool-people-secretly-want-but-would-never-admit-to-buying gadgets (hello, Yonanas). Here goes:

1. Tom Ford's 16 Color Nail Set, $480 at Neiman Marcus: To know Tom Ford Beauty is to know true love. Okay, not really, but almost, kind of. True love slathered all over your face. (Doesn't that sound dirty? It's not. It's hot and luxurious. It's Tom Ford.)

One of our favorite Tom Ford Beauty product categories is his nail polish—available in a stunning range of boldly pigmented colors (no wishy-washy streakiness here), they're Ford's personal takes on timeless, tried-and-true classic femme fatale colors. This 16-piece set features a complete nail wardrobe—each polish delivers super-shine and gorgeous, true, long-lasting color.

Inside the box: Naked (a pale cream); Toasted Sugar (a pale taupe); Mink Brule (a lush, deep, rosy beige); Pink Crush (a teenage-dream-worthy baby blush); Indian Pink (fuchsia—did you know that hot pink is the navy blue of India?); Fever Pink (a deep magenta); African Violet (a rich medium purple); Plum Noir (a dark red-purple); Viper (a black-red); Ginger Fire (a brilliant orange-red); Coral Blame (an unabashed rich coral); Scarlet Chinois (a true blue-red); Smoke Red (a 1940s Cupid's bow red); Bordeaux Lust (an oxblood burgundy); Carnal Red (crimson); and Bitter Bitch (chocolate).

2. Instagram Photo-a-Day Calendar, $40 at Printstagram: Are you a really talented iPhone photographer with an extensive Instagram archive? Why not share the wealth by printing your friends some of these photo-a-day Instagram calendars, chock-full of your snaps (maybe of them)? Alternatively, for a more personal touch, you can steal their Instagram password and print them a calendar full of their photos. That second option is possibly illegal. Awesome, but unsavory.

3. Yonanas, $49.99: This machine makes an ice-cream-like dessert from frozen bananas. It was named one of Good Housekeeping's "Very Innovative Products" of 2012, so you know it's good. Also, it's called Yonanas. I think I just like saying it.

4. Bobble Filtered Water Bottle, from $9: I'm guessing that a lot of folks out there suffer from the same affliction I do—I like to call it any-excuse-to-not-go-to-the-gym-itis. In the new year, I'm hoping to get my proverbial shit together and cultivate a more meaningful, long-term relationship with my local treadmill. To that end, this holiday I'm kitting myself out with everything I need to get up and go (to the gym) in the mornings come January—no excuses. If you or a loved one want to make that change as well, I vote for setting them up with a Bobble water bottle, complete with filter, and some other fun workout stuff this holiday—maybe a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, a locker lock, and an iPod? (Note that I've filled the clear Bobble with M&Ms—candy makes clear vessels pretty for gifting. Also, it's not 2013... yet.)

5. Downton Abbey Series 1-3 on DVD or Blu-Ray, from $50: Know a Downton Abbey fan who's just dying to see the third season before it airs in the United States next year? Be a hero this holiday and buy them all three seasons of the amazing television series—yes, that's right, all three seasons, along with the Christmas special, are available from Amazon UK. To watch a foreign DVD, just switch the region settings on your computer—and voila! If you're feeling particularly generous, spring for a multi-region DVD player—a great investment for long-term foreign-DVD watching fun.

6. Anything from my Polyvore gift guide: I put together a fun list of luxury, hostess, affordable, and last-minute gift ideas for the folks over at Polyvore. Check it out right here. Some of my top-top-top favorite items on that list are giant 32 oz. Philosophy "Amazing Grace" body washes ($34.50 at Sephora; don't forget to put a big red bow on top!); the perfect book, signed to the recipient by the author (this season, I'm recommending Grace Coddington's memoirsshe's doing a signing this Saturday, December 6th, at Bookmarc in the West Village!); and a giant box of pretzel croissants from The City Bakery in New York.

Other little giftables and goodies I'm loving this holiday season: The Burberry Purse Charm Lip Gloss (below, $85 at Nordstrom); Warby Parker's Gift Card and Cookie Combo (right, in denominations of $50, $95, $145, and $195 at; oh, and speaking of gift cards, have you seen's new personalized gift cards this year? Check them out, they're adorable!
Remember, though, you can never go wrong with any of the four Cs: cashmere—buy a rainbow of sweaters at Uniqlo from $39.90—champagne (like Perrier Jouet's limited-edition Clare Coles, below), cookies (Momofuku Milk Bar, obv), or cash.
As for me, I'll be spending my Christmas week secluded in a remote national park somewhere in the American Southwest-ish. More details on that, later... but here's what I'm thinking about buying (and taking along) for myself: a Kindle Paperwhite 3G; some Lookmatic sunglasses; a few good pairs of Adidas trainers; and a Camelbak. Exotic, no?

How are you spending your holidays and what are you thinking of buying and giving (to your loved ones and yourself) this season? Tell us in the comments!
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