These Are a Few of My Favorite (Gift-y) Things...

Amazon, ClubMonaco, KateSpade, H&M, Photo editing by Tanya Leigh WashingtonMy memories of December are filled with small sparkly things. From prom-ready Barbies to cupcake dolls (remember those?), glitter-infused tights to chunky gold-flecked crayons, I adored all the sweet and splendid presents I woke up to on Christmas morning.

But it was also the twinkling icicles my dad hung over our red door, crafty glue and glitter-covered fingers, baking with silver cookie-cutter stars, and the tiny colorful lights buried behind handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree. In the foggy cold of winter, it was—and is—those sparkly treasures that symbolize, for me, the festivities of the season.

So here is a gathering of my favorite tiny (and not-so-tiny) sweetly splendid sparkly things.

1. Kate Spade's Rose Gold Seaport Watch
My lovely fellow editor Dominique turned me onto rose gold watches—they have a beautiful sheen without the harshness of gold or silver. That being said, I haven't owned a watch since my Roxy one popped off my wrist and shattered in glorious fashion on a cement walkway of my high school (where my principal walked by at the exact moment to accidentally kick it into the bushes). This Kate Spade one just might just cure my PTSD.

2. Madewell's Lovelock Clutch
Any girlfriend of mine knows I'm always on the hunt for the perfect purse. I struggle between choosing black or brown, cross-body or over-the-shoulder, oversize or compact, leaving me too paralyzed in indecision to invest in any single bag. Madewell, however, miraculously catered to my quest this season with several flawless styles. I particularly adored this berry and brass number—it's not too big, not too small, and the color is just right.

3. Zara's Cashmere-Feel Scarf
My obsession with being cozy at all times is no secret, and when my love of fashion and comfort join forces my heart does a little happy dance. I first saw Zara's collection of cashmere-ish scarves in stores and seriously contemplated buying one in black, cream, and maroon. They're classic and so soft. I resisted...barely.

4. Banana Republic's Lillian Suede Pump
I love me some ladylike footwear! These bowed burgundy heels from Banana Republic hit the spot in Mad Men fashion (and happen to go perfectly with that Madewell lovelock purse).

5. H&M's Glittery Pencil Skirt
H&M pencil skirts are my weakness. They happen to fit me perfectly and are at just the right price point for me to justify buying one every time a new color or print comes out. I can't wait to get my hands on this brocade version that could easily be dressed up or down for the holiday season.

6. Club Monaco's Sabrina Cluster Earring
I don't wear earrings often, but I'm really drawn to vintage-inspired designs like this charming pair from Club Monaco. I can't decide which I like better, the multicolor or the classic crystals. Stunning!

7. Anthropologie's Heart Birch Cuff
And now begins the Anthropologie portion of my gift guide. This simple gold cuff with a heart-shaped cutout would be a thoughtful present for a loved one, don't you think?

8. Perpetual Bloom Towels
Towels may seem like a yawner gift idea, but I've been eying these floral burnout ones for quite some time. Every color option is extraordinarily pretty and could totally transform a bathroom—especially if yours happens to be the size of a closet like mine.

9. Illume Boulangerie Jars
In my never ending effort to make my home look and smell like an Anthropologie store, I have developed an obsession with their scented candles. My favorites just happen to be these adorable Illume Boulangerie jars. I've never smelled one I didn't like but my top three picks are Angel Food, Whipped Cream and Pear, and Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon.

10. Pier 1 Import's Alexandria Dinner Set
At the end of the day I like to cozy up with a warm cup of homemade ginger tea. Call me crazy, but the mug is part of the experience, which is why I was excited to find these antique-y white ones from Pier 1 for a super-affordable price. In fact, you can buy the whole dish set if you love the fancy Baroque-y design as much as I do.

11. Fashion Drawing in Vogue {Book}
As an illustrator I can't get enough fashion illustration books—seriously, you should see my book shelves. I'm always cruising Amazon for the latest and greatest options and William Packer's Fashion Drawing in Vogue is currently on the top of my wish list. I may be biased, but what fashionista doesn't love beautiful and inspiring vintage illustrations? None I know.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas from StyleBistro in our holiday wishlist series here!
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