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If you're announcing a pregnancy this holiday season, we rounded up some of the most beautiful winter themed ways to do it. Sharing the news of your pregnancy through a festive photo or gift will be a sentiment everyone will remember.

Whether it involves striped pajamas or an elegant maternity shoot in an evening dress, sharing your sonogram or giving custom ornaments, these ideas are as clever as they are gorgeous. Maybe you can wrap a bow around your growing belly as a sweet photo prop or perhaps the creators on Etsy can help you with a gorgeous custom-made sign featuring the date of your little one's arrival. Another fun option? A snow day with your fam and your cam for some unforgettable family portraits.

Whatever your flavor, take some inspiration from expecting parents and clever shops around the web to find creative ideas for your own big reveal. There's no doubt you'll treasure the result for years to come. What better time to celebrate your growing family than this joyous season? Cheers to you and your big news!