Love it or Loathe it: Kim Kardashian's NYE Maternity Outfit

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Unless you've been living under a rock or suffered, like, a New Year's hangover worse than Scott Disick's partying days, you've probably heard the HUGE news that Kim Kardashian is preggers—with Kanye West's baby.

And if her first official pregnancy outfit is telling of anything, it's that the reality star's signature, ahem, statement wardrobe won't be tamed by a baby bump.

For New Year's Eve, Kardashian wore a sheer, netted Julien MacDonald dress with strategically-placed appliques covering her no-no parts. A Lanvin bag, Martin Katz jewels, and pointy Louboutins finished off her party look.

Check it out, below:

Kim Kardashian Hosts New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
Kim Kardashian Hosts New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
Just to be sure the world was, indeed, aware of the bun in her oven, Kardashian also sported the requisite mommy-to-be hand-over-tummy pose:

Kim Kardashian Hosts New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
So we're dying to know, what do you think about Kim Kardashian's New Year's Eve outfit—dramatic and daring? Downright inappropriate? Or just another example of her klassic questionable taste? Cast your vote in our poll, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments, below!

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