Hot or Not: Rihanna's Really Dark, Really Exposed Roots


H\Rihanna (FameFlyNet Pictures)
Rihanna has zero interest in playing by the rules, particularly when it comes to fashion. Her love of fanny packs, denim-on-denim, and bizarre haircolors has made this abundantly clear. Still, that doesn't mean her risk-taking always pays off, as some of her experiments are more likely to leave fans scratching their heads than running to the salon for a duplicate.

We don't know quite what to think of Rihanna's latest hairstyle, which has descended quickly into grunge territory thanks to some very dark roots. Though ombré hair remains trendy, Rihanna's latest look is entirely more aggressive than any style we'd seen until now. From above, it almost looks like a misplaced, color-treated yarmulke.

What's your call on this daring 'do?

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