Love it or Loathe it: Kate Bosworth's '60s-Inspired Look

Love it or Loathe it: Kate Bosworth's '60s-Inspired Look
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Ten times to none we're infatuated with whatever Kate Bosworth happens to the leave the house in. Crop tops, she rocks 'em. Street style, she's flawless. Put her in pretty much anything Calvin Klein—the actress is a devout Calvin loyalist!—and she just looks very, well, Kate. (Read: perfect.)

Then this happened:

Love it or Loathe it: Kate Bosworth's '60s-Inspired Look
Bosworth wore yet another head-to-toe look from her favorite American designer last night at the Sundance Film Festival—a shaved shearling top over a sleeveless white turtleneck with a cappuccino-hued leather pencil skirt. Then to give the look a '60s go-go girl kind of feel, she finished it off with a sleek ponytail, a white belt and coordinating platform boots.

She's polished no doubt, but we're dying to know, does this retro style actually work? Or is it kind of remniscent of Beyonce during her Foxxy Cleopatra days? (Remember, this?) Weigh in with your thoughts in our poll, below!

Poll: Do you love or loathe Kate Bosworth's outfit?
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  • Love! Twiggy would approve.
  • Loathe! It's '60s in the wrong way.