Christina Aguilera Rocks Ombre Hair—and Tan!

(Bauer Griffin)

It's no secret that Christina Aguilera is a fan of all things ombre and dip-dye. The singer is, in a word, fearless when it comes to her personal style (yellow chaps from the Dirrty days, anyone?).

But when we saw her yesterday at the American Music Awards nominations, we were a little shocked. No, it wasn't her shiny body-hugger or purple and pink dip-dyed hair—it was her mismatched skin. Up top, there's a gentle bronze glow. On the bottom, a full-blown Jersey Shore GTL-to-the-extreme type of tan.

Here's a full-length image of Aguilera:

(Bauer Griffin)

We're left wondering: is Aguilera, gradient goddess, trying to start a new trend with skin color? Or, was this just a self-tanner mishap? Vote below, and sound off in the comments!

Poll: Do You Think Christina Aguilera Intentionally Made Her Skin Ombre?
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  • Yes! Aguilera is daring, for better or for worse, when it comes to her image. Maybe she's onto something!
  • No, total self-tanner mishap. How could she possibly think that would look good?