Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus' Itty Bitty Workout Outfits

By Alicia Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews) Miley Cyrus recently passed up a voice role in the animated comedy Hotel Transylvania, citing her desire to focus on her music career in 2012. But it seems that Miley's primary focus these days is her fitness: She's been photographed heading in and out of Pilates nearly every day for the past few weeks.While Cyrus' behavior is hardly abnormal in the image-obsessed Hollywood bubble, her choice of fitness attire has raised some eyebrows. See, when Miley works out, she...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Rihanna's Premiere Pajamas

By Jill Slattery on
Rihanna (Getty Images) Have you ever had that dream where you show up at school or a big work meeting and you've forgotten to change out of your pajamas? Rihanna totally feels your pain.The "S&M" singer showed up to the Japanese premiere of her new film, Battleship, wearing a silky blue and gold Emilio Pucci ensemble that was very reminiscent of the kind of outfit you would wear to bed. And by "reminiscent" we mean RiRi looked like she was wearing straight up pajamas. Of course, Rihanna...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Rihanna's Really Dark, Really Exposed Roots

By Alicia Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews) Rihanna has zero interest in playing by the rules, particularly when it comes to fashion. Her love of fanny packs, denim-on-denim, and bizarre haircolors has made this abundantly clear. Still, that doesn't mean her risk-taking always pays off, as some of her experiments are more likely to leave fans scratching their heads than running to the salon for a duplicate.We don't know quite what to think of Rihanna's latest hairstyle, which has descended quickly into grunge...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus in Emilio Pucci

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) On Monday evening, ex-child star Miley Cyrus slipped into a very saucy Emilio Pucci ensemble to support her boyfriend at the Los Angeles premiere of his huge new flick, The Hunger Games.Miley, who's spent the last two years scrubbing away at the last bits of family-friendly Disney glitz, revealed plenty of toned and tanned skin in the bustier crop top and matching floor-length skirt. The overall effect was very '90s, particularly paired with Cyrus' ombré hair (thankfully extension...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Rihanna's All-Denim Ensemble

By Bernice Lee McMillan on
Rihanna (Fame FlyNet Picutres, Pacific Coast News) Rihanna is no stranger to wacky looks. She's worn a sheer cutout bodysuit, neon beaded bikini, and now head-to-toe denim paried with a blinged-out Versace fanny pack. Seriously, Versace makes fanny packs. The controversial star paid homage to '90s fashion in the denim-on-denim-on-more denim outfit. The singer was en route to a fashion shoot in New York City when she wore the skinny jeans with a matching denim bustier and a chambray shirt...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Angelina Jolie's 2012 Oscars Pose

By Tanya Leigh Washington on
Angelina Jolie's dramatic pose was just as buzzworthy as her gorgeous gown. (Getty) Angelina Jolie's right leg is now officially as famous as she is. For the 2012 Academy Award red carpet, the smoldering temptress seemed to have her leg permanently protruding out of her thigh-high slit.It's hard to question hotness when it comes to anything Ms. Jolie does, but we can't help but ask: Was this statement pose super sexy or super awkward? It did show off the fantastic design of her velvet...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Rihanna's Sheer Bodysuit

By Alicia Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews) Rihanna is the kind of woman who can make gym shorts look extremely sexual, so when she decides to push the limits in overtly sensual garb, it can be a little overwhelming.Take, for example, the eclectic ensemble the Barbados-born pop star wore last weekend to Hollywood's Greystone Manor nightclub, where she may or may not have run into her ex Chris Brown. The ever-adventurous singer slipped a pair of ripped, cuffed jeans over a sheer bodysuit that covered the...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Justin Bieber's Baby Blue MCM Motorcycle Jacket

By Alicia Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews) It's been almost a year since teen pop phenom Justin Bieber abandoned his signature swoopy mop in favor of a shorter, spikier 'do, and his look continues to evolve. These days, Bieber's getting a little more experimental with his red carpet ensembles, occasionally veering into late '90s boy band territory.Take, for example, the eye-catching motorcycle jacket Justin wore to the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, last weekend. The bright blue piece was custom created...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: Rose Byrne's Elie Saab Couture Jumpsuit

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) It doesn't really matter how finely tailored it is, or how intricate its embellishments: The jumpsuit is often a fast-track to worst dressed lists, particularly when worn to high-profile industry events like the Screen Actors' Guild Awards. Rose Byrne is a brave, brave lady.The stunning Australian actress chose to completely commit to her look at Sunday evening's awards show, pairing her elaborate ice white Elie Saab jumpsuit from the Fall 2009 couture collection with a shiny...Read Full Story

Hot or Not: India Eisley's Saucy Sheer Dress

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) India Eisley (Getty) Actress India Eisley, best known for her work on the ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, was obviously hoping to make a splash at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Underworld: Awakening on Thursday evening.Eisley, who just turned 18 last October, showed off her stems in a short, sheer sparkly mesh dress work over a black bra and black hot pants. The California native attempted to tone down the look with a sleek black jacket, but it...Read Full Story