Rihanna's French Twist With Flirty Fringe

By Heather Gunderman on
Rihanna (PacificCoastNews) Rihanna's classic French twist looks perfect and polished while her bangs are tousled and textured for a more casual effect. To recreate her cool 'do, begin with super-straight hair. Section out bangs and shorter layers around the face. Next, smooth tresses back and over behind one ear and hold in place with one hand. In the middle of the back of the head insert bobby pins in a vertical line from the nape of the neck to just below the crown. Twist the hair you...Read Full Story

Rebecca Romijn's Casual Side-Swept Style

By Heather Gunderman on
Rebecca Romijn (Getty Images) Rebecca Romijn's casual updo features textured tresses that are loosely pinned up. To recreate her carefree 'do, begin by activating natural wave or curl. Scrunch damp tresses while blow-drying with a diffuser or for super-straight locks, set hair on hot rollers or use a curling iron to add some texture. Next, finger comb hair and pull sections along the temples on either side of the head and twist them back. Draw the ends of the twist into a ponytail behind...Read Full Story

Jennifer Morrison's French Braid + Wrapped Ponytail

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Jennifer Morrison (Getty Images) We've seen several braided hairstyles lately and similar looks  that incorporate a ponytail or loose bun. Jennifer Morrison's cool style makes the most of her ultra-long locks by using the braided lengths to wrap her ponytail. To duplicate her look, begin by making a deep side part. Then, create a three-inch swath of hair going from the part to right behind to ear and following the front hairline. Next, begin French braiding the area you just sectioned...Read Full Story

La La Vazquez's Looped Ponytail and Braids

By Heather Gunderman on
La La Vazquez (Getty Images) La La Vazquez's cute 'do involves making two braided bands about two-inches back from the front hairline and creating a looped ponytail. To duplicate her style, begin by sectioning out a five-inch swath of hair running from ear to ear along the front hairline. Next, begin to French braid the first band of hair, positioning it about two inches back from the front hairline and drawing new hair into the braid only from along the front hairline, braiding the ends...Read Full Story

Emmy Rossum's Flirty French Braid + Ponytail

By Heather Gunderman on
Emmy Rossum (Getty Images) Emmy Rossum's sweet style is super simple, yet so very cute. Her easy-to-recreate style incorporates French braids combined into a ponytail. To duplicate the look, begin by making a side part. Next, begin to French braid one side, drawing hair from along the part and from along the front hairline, braiding to the middle of the back of the head. Secure the braid with a hair elastic and move on to the other side, repeating the process. When both braids are...Read Full Story

Kate Mara's Side-Swept Updo

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Kate Mara (Getty Images) Kate Mara's pretty side-swept updo combined twisted sections that were pinned up and the addition of the ornate silver combs added the requisite red carpet element. To duplicate Kate's look, begin by tousling hair with fingers and adding some additional texture with a product like Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. Then, section out a three inch band of hair along the front hairline, running from ear to ear. Next, loosely pull hair back behind one ear and secure it in...Read Full Story

How To Oscar Hair: Emma Stone's Updo

By John Newlin on
(Getty)We asked our fabulous friend and expert hairstylist Theodore Leaf to recreate one of his favorite looks from Sunday's Oscars and he wisely chose Emma Stone's amazing undo. Check out this short video for Theodore's step by step tutorial and try this surprisingly easy glamourous look yourself!More of Emma Stone's hairstyles:Read Full Story

Carrie Underwood's Looped Side Ponytail

By Heather Gunderman on
Carrie Underwood (Getty Images) Carrie Underwood's sexy style involves just a looped ponytail and a few loose strands. To recreate her 'do, begin by sectioning out  bangs and a few pieces along the front hairline. Next, backcomb hair through the crown to create a lot of volume. Then, collect hair into a ponytail right behind and slightly above the right ear. Secure tresses with a hair elastic, but instead of drawing hair completely through the hair elastic, pull the ponytail through only...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz's Glamorous Waves and Curls

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Penelope Cruz (Getty Images) Penelope Cruz made the most of her recent crop and wore her chic bob in soft waves and curls at the 2012 Academy Awards. To duplicate her 'do, begin with smooth hair. A good blow-dry with a large round brush will help create the requisite sleekness the style requires. Next, you can use a large-barreled curling iron to add the curls and waves. The longer lengths should be all be curled under. Then, make a deep side part and create a few Marcel waves by clamping...Read Full Story

Kelly Ripa's Oversized Classic Bun

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Kelly Ripa (Getty Images) Kelly Ripa's oversized bun was the perfect statement-making accessory for the 2012 Academy Awards. The sleek style looked incredibly chic with her light mint green Carolina Herrera gown. To duplicate her elegant and exaggerated 'do, begin with straight tresses, or slightly smooth out natural curls and waves. Then, make a center part and pull hair back tightly and secure in a ponytail two inches above the nape of the neck. Next, pull a hair donut around tresses...Read Full Story