1. Pack A Few Statement Pieces To Quench Your Thirst
If you love playing with clothes, packing just one sensible suitcase is going to smart some. But in order to keep your baggage fees under control, skip bringing your whole resort collection and instead narrow it down to three amazing pieces.

The rest of your packing can revolve around practical options that you can mix and match, but bring three that will feel special and make you feel especially beautiful. Knowing you have them will keep the pain of cutting 80 percent of your options at a tolerable level.

Homework: Take out all your clothes from your suitcase, and lay them out on your bed. Let all your other clothes be neutral and easily mixed and matched, but then narrow down your show stoppers to just three options - if you have more than three, cut out the rest but make the remaining count!

Choose dresses that will make you feel like an invisible fan is constantly following you, forcing you to make flippy hair movements in front of the Trevi Fountain or in the din of San Francisco bars. Knowing it’s not all cargo pockets and orthopedic walking shoes in your suitcase will help with the sting.

Found on Pinterest here, from Calpak.