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Glossy eyelids may not be anything new in the beauty world, but in recent years, the trend has certainly come back around and then some. And we know that maximum glow, usually achieved with a next level highlight, is undoubtedly the look du jour of beauty today –– a fact that has been proven by the ubiquitous popularity of trends like mermaid, unicorn, and holographic makeup. Because we will look like fairytale creatures, damn it, or we'll die trying spend all of our money at Sephora.

But glossy eyes can be a little more complicated. Now, there is of course an art to pulling off this trend without looking like a sweaty mess! Layering on a touch –– or more, if you're into that –– of gloss adds a gorgeous gleam or mega shine to just about any eye product. Need a little inspo? Click ahead to get your glow on, ladies: We've been here for this movement. #GlowedUp