Jillian Mercado is a Fashion Week street star, fashion model, Diesel campaign star, and accessibility advocate. As a wheelchair user due to muscular dystrophy, she is challenging the status quo of the fashion industry and smashing dated beauty standards along the way. She fights against the lack of representation of people with disabilities, and uses her Instagram to push back against stereotypes or stigmas.

One of her captions: "It took me so long to feel comfortable in my own skin. Especially feeling sexy in lingerie. I grew up with the notion that women who have disabilities (visible ones) aren’t considered sexy. I was confused and angry. The question roamed around in my head trying to understand why… I couldn’t understand… Well, I refused to understand. I soon came to realize that I was not going to allow that horrible energy into my life. That if I wanted to wear lingerie and feel sexy then that’s what I’m going to do and nobody, nobody can tell me otherwise."

Image from Jillian Mercado via Instagram