Gina Susanna uses her account to promote recovery from eating disorders, and one of her main campaigns is to "embrace the squish." An eating disorder survivor herself, she uses her Instagram to talk about her recovery and to tackle damaging ideas we have about our bodies. Some points include calling BS on the pressure to lose weight before going on vacation, the importance of showing up for yourself, and how it's okay to stumble back in recovery.

One of her captions: "Hey you know what? Perfection is an illusion. Seriously. It only exists in our minds, as this thing we wish we were, or this way we believe others are, as a way to put our own selves down.
But you know how we combat this mindset?

By SHOWING UP for ourselves.

By saying to ourselves “HAY SELF, you’re not a perfect human because that shits impossible, but you’re gonna wake up today and you’re gonna show up for yourself, however that means for you. Maybe it’s with kindness, maybe it’s forgiveness, maybe it’s with motivation. You’re not gonna let your mind bully you, because we both know that who you are is good enough.”

Image from Gina Susanna via Instagram