Dana Suchow has overcome both bulimia and compulsive exercising, and now uses her platform to spread body positivity of all types. She uses her Instagram to show people that they're not alone, and tackles some tough topics in her captions, like the privilege that comes with being skinny. 

One of her captions: "With privilege comes responsibility. And specifically with thin privilege, it's not just about supporting fat and curvy women by having their backs online...

It's about discussing fatphobia with friends who are body shaming someone when they're not in the room.

It's about calling in family members making comments about someone's body at the dinner table.

It's about asking why there's no plus sizes at your favorite clothing store.

It's about telling your gym to remove fatphobic signage next to your favorite machine.

...Because you can follow all the accounts in the world, and it will help you to personally accept and see more marginalized bodies as beautiful, but to make systemic change, we must also go out into the real world and question the status quo."

(Read the whole caption here.)

Image from Dana Suchow via Instagram