Devise Beauty: Jessica White Designs Skincare for Women of Color

Jessica White
Although it's hard to imagine Jessica White ever looking anything short of flawless, the model admits that she too has struggled with her appearance. In fact, for several years, Jessica battled problematic skin in the public eye.

Rather than cower in a corner over her skin strife, Jessica decided to make the best of the situation. When we chatted with Jessica about her new beauty line, Devise Beauty, she opened up to us about about her quest for a solution.
At one point for about two years, I had the worst skin ever. And I had to go through that publicly and it was really hurtful to know that there wasn't a line that actually dealt with improving skin. There wasn't a product out there that really helped me. I just happened to meet the right chemist and the right scientist. I've been 135% involved in making this line. It came from my own personal battles and realizing that I needed to do something.
Jessica sought to develp a line that would heal rather than hide the skin. After all, though true confidence comes from within, every woman wants to also feel secure on the outside! She dishes,
I wanted it to be a product where it doesn't fit on your skin, but it goes into your skin. It helps to improve [it]. Everything I believe in is empowerment and the only way a woman can actually feel better, you have to start with you internally, but it does help to have great products to help improve and enhance a woman's beauty.
Since her line targets women of color, we had to ask Jessica whom specifically she had in mind. She explained,
Women of color is everyone. Caucasian women, Indian women, Asian Women, Latina women, African-American women. I created a line with my chemist Maria Ash and my frame is for all women, because all of us have color.
We can't wait to check out Devise Beauty for ourselves!

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