Ho Hum, Here's Taylor Swift Making Fun of Another Ex in a Music Video - Guess Who? [VIDEO]

(Bauer Griffin) Taylor Swift and ex Harry Styles in New York last December

Professional musical chronicler of past lovers Taylor Swift just dropped a new video for her single, "22." She's written about her famous exes Jake Gyllenhaal and JoBro Joe Jonas in the past. But who do you think "22" is about? Could it be One Direction's Harry Styles?

The opening lines go: "It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes." Hm, hipsters... hipsters... which one of Swifty's exes dressed like a hipster?

And what about bouncing around throughout the video flashing the British version of the finger—knuckles-out V-sign? How are they even going to show this video in the UK?

Check it out for yourself—oh, and sorry Harry, but we're pretty sure Taylor wants you to go V-yourself.
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