Who Spends More Getting Ready For Dates—Men or Women? The Answer Might Surprise You!

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In the world of love and relationships, we've always assumed that we, as women, spent more getting prepped for dates that guys do—after all, there's often a new dress to buy, a new lip gloss to try, a mani-pedi-blowout trip to the salon, and loads of other grooming expenses. Guys, well, we hope they just shave, put on a clean shirt, and show up—right?

Well, a new study conducted by MSN.co.uk shows that men—at least in the UK—are spending more money than women getting ready for dates. The poll surveyed 2,000 people and found that guys spent an average of £46.79 (about $71) on pre-rendezvous treatements like waxing, haircuts, and facials—especially if they think that the date will lead to some hanky panky at night's end. Women, however, spent on average £41.79 (about $63)—on treatments like waxing and new sheets (!) and lingerie.

Here's the MSN breakdown of what men and women spend their pre-date cash on:

  • 28 percent of men buy new underwear
  • 27 percent of men groom the, um, hair down there
  • 15 percent buy new sheets
  • 4 percent get their backs waxed
  • 3 percent get facials
  • 3 percent will go all the way and get a "Colombian Wax"—i.e. the Brazilian, but for guys

As for ladies:

  • 58 percent of women will get their legs waxed
  • 32 percent will spend money on new lingerie
  • 17 percent will get a bikini wax
  • 10 percent will go all the way and get a Brazilian
  • 7 percent will buy new sheets
  • 2 percent will get rhinestones stuck on their hoo-hoos (vajazzling)

What do you spend your money on before dates? Any of the above?
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