Gwyneth Paltrow's Bad Marriage Advice: Instead of Getting Mad, Give Your Husband a Blow Job. What?

(Getty Images) Gwyneth Paltrow at the Iron Man 3 premiere

If we've learned anything about Gwyneth Paltrow over the last few years is that the Oscar-winning actress loves to give advice—questionable (read: pretty bad, out-of-touch) advice, that is. From telling parents to not give their kids carbs to telling working moms (who are "just like her") how to find work-life-family balance, there's nothing that this Most Hated Celebrity of 2013 is afraid to tackle.

Her most recent foray into Dr. Phil territory? Marital discord.

According to Paltrow, wives who are angry with their husbands about something shouldn't talk it out. No, communication is not the answer to solving problems and resolving issues in a relationship. Paltrow says that instead of arguing, the wife should—wait for it—give her husband a blow job instead.


Paltrow appeared on Chelsea Lately and host Chelsea Handler brought it up.

"We were at a dinner party one night and this girl was asking for advice and Gwyneth is an amazing advice giver," Handler said. "The woman was saying, 'I got into a big fight with my husband and I got home and I wanted to scream and yell' and Gwyneth was like 'Whatever you're doing just do the opposite, just go at him with love and you give him a blow job.'"

That is bad advice, it doesn't even make sense, don't follow it. Although, you'll probably never lose an argument this way. But seriously, you guys.

Here's the clip:
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