Beauty Product For The Fitness Obsessed: Mio's Workout Wonder Muscle Gel

(Courtesy: Mio Skincare, Getty)Our workouts might not be quite on the Olympic-athlete level, but we definitely feel a good burn after our morning runs or evening yoga sessions. Our typical recovery routine for most any sport involves stretching followed by a hot shower (and yes, the mental acceptance of a gold medal). Rarely have we given a spare thought to post-workout skincare (minus exfoliating, obvi). But now we've discovered Mio Skincare's new line of products based on the idea of having "fit skin," and we can't look back.

Mio's Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel targets muscles pre and post workout. The gel has a cooling sensation that instantly wakes up skin and revives muscles. We applied a few pumps to our calves and feet before our morning run and were instantly woken up by the fresh mint scent. And after our workout, we massaged a tad more gel on our quite sore quads. This time, the cooling sensation didn't just wake us up, but it really soothed our achy muscles.
(Courtesy: Mio Skincare)
With ingredients such as spearmint, arnica, and magnesium, Workout Wonder targets circulation, eases inflammation, and gives muscles a boost. So now whenever we hit the gym, we've got more than just a good calorie burn to look forward to—we've got our post-workout skincare routine to get excited about as well. We're probably still going to mentally accept that gold medal, though. Some habits die hard.

Mio Workout Wonder, $33,
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