Get Your Best Skin Ever—At Any Age

(Photos by Getty)If you're like us, you're making 2014 the year you finally take control of your skin. Whether that means fighting off acne and small blemishes or reducing the signs of aging, we've got you covered. We hit up dermatologist to the stars Dr. David Colbert to give us the essential skincare guide (plus product recommendations!) for every age.

Women in their 20s

(Photos by Getty)For many women in their 20s, acne is still a big trouble maker. To avoid breakouts, Dr. Colbert said continue using your facial cleansers with salicylic acid and benzol peroxide (commonly found in over-the-counter face washes and cleaners) a few times a week, always remove makeup at night, and use a face lotion with glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid whose exfoliating properties that works wonders in cell turnover. Another important factor in fighting/preventing acnes is your diet. "Avoid fatty foods," Dr. Colbert said. "Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, and get plenty of vitamin A." Looks like your have to eat your veggies after all, gals!

As for anti-aging treatments, women in their 20s really don't need worry about them—just yet. "In your 20s, your best anti-aging defense is staying out of the sun and wearing sunblock," he said also adding the importance of avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol.

Must-have products: Facial cleansers with salicylic or benzol peroxide, a skin exfoliator like Colbert M.D. Intensify Facial Discs, and face cream.

Women in their 30s

(Photos by Bauer Griffin, Getty, Bauer Griffin)If you're in your 30s, the fear of wrinkles is probably starting to set in. At this point, Dr. Colbert suggested upping your moisturizing game. "When you're in your 30s, your skin is still really supple, but it could probably use a little bit heavier of a moisturizer at night," he explained. Women should also consider the use of anti-aging products. These should include a serum with glycolic acid as well as an eye cream—and of course the best anti-aging product of all, sunblock. "A few drops of sunblock goes a long way," Dr. Colbert said. "The sun is the number one ager of the skin."

But if you're wanting to take a more active approach to fighting the early signs of aging (i.e. crows feet, forehead wrinkles, etc.), Dr. Colbert says it's perfectly acceptable to begin the use of retinae, an FDA-approved method of encouraging collagen production) or botox. Just be sure to ask your dermatologist for the best method for you.

Must-have products: A serum containing glycolic acid, an anti-aging eye cream, and a free radical-containing moisturizer like Colbert M.D. Nutrify & Protect.

Women in their 40s

(Photos by more mature skin that might be seeing the affects of the environment and aging, amping up your skincare is critical. "At this point, you should for sure be using a facial oil," Dr. Colbert said. "My Illumino Face Oil addresses epidermal water loss, with some passion fruit oil and 11 other essential oils that give the skin a really nice dewy glow." (BTW Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are all fans!) In addition to a rich facial oil, women should find a good night cream, he suggested.

And if you're really wanting to get hands-on, you might even consider an eye peel or fraxel laser treatment to remove lines and freshen skin. And again, botox is always an option, according to Dr. Colbert.

Must-have products: A rich facial oil like Illumino Face Oil, and a moisturizing night cream.

Women in their 50s+

(Photos by Getty)Despite what many women in their 50s may believe, skincare is still crucial in keeping that youthful, healthy glow. Much like women in their 40s, women in their 50s and beyond also need to be using a facial oil and night cream. Dr. Colbert said giving skin ample amounts of moisture is incredibly important for aging skin. "I think facial oils are key because the skin starts drying out because of menopause," he said. "And it doesn't have as much estrogen, so it doesn't hold onto water as well. Using oil is a key factor in keeping the skin dewy, moisturized, and calm." He suggested using two drops of face oil twice a day for mature skin. "People get tired of hearing it, and it sounds so trite, but these things do make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels."

As for more advanced anti-aging approaches, Dr. Colbert said women in their 50s can visit a dermatologist to discuss the possibility of a fraxel treatment or ultherapy, which tightens the muscles underneath the skin to really combat wrinkles and elasticity loss.

Must-have products: A rich facial oil like Illumino Face Oil, and a moisturizing night cream.
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