Paz de la Huerta Covers Playboy, Photographed by Mario Sorrenti [NSFW-ish]

(Getty Images) Paz de la Huerta, Boardwalk Empire star

Boardwalk Empire
star Paz de la Huerta covers the January 2013 issue of Playboy—on newsstands December 18th—and, inside, she reveals more than just her, um, toosh (which is photographed, very nicely, by fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, by the way). Playboy sent legendary art world personality and director of LA's MoCA Jeffrey Deitch to interview the provocative actress—they talked about everything from acting to working with Sorrenti to her unconventional approach to her work.

Here are the best bits from the interview:

On posing for Playboy: “Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have appeared in Playboy. I celebrate nudity every day. It’s our first wardrobe. And Mario [Sorrenti] is such an amazing photographer; he brings so much mystery and sensuality to his photographs. We did the photos with no makeup, and we both wanted them to have a very natural feeling. It was more about bringing out a part of myself that has not really been shown to the public, a more honest portrayal of where I am now in my life."
On her working with photographer Mario Sorrenti: “I did my first nude shoot with Mario when I was 17. He made me feel beautiful, and I really feel it was on that shoot that I overcame my fear of being naked. Mario is such an artist. He has taken photographs of me in which my body looks like a sculpture.”

On her approach to acting: “At times I would get so lost in my character that I wouldn’t know where I ended and the character began. There were no boundaries; we were definitely one. I’m at the point now in my craft where I can go into the zone and live the character and then, through meditation, get back to my life and whatever is going on.”

(All photos courtesy of Playboy)

On being more of a performance artist than a conventional model: “I feel that when people hire me they know it’s going to be a collaboration and that they hire me for what I give on all sorts of levels, from my movement to the emotion I bring to the project, the passion, all of it.”

Check out the entire Jeffrey Deitch interview with Paz de la Huerta right here and don't forget to pick up the January issue of Playboy when it hits newsstands on December 18th to check out her pictorial!

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