Things I Learned From Nicole Richie's New Video Series: People Who Like White Flowers Are Insecure

(Bauer Griffin) Nicole Richie before the Grammys this year

Did you know that people who prefer all-white flower arrangements are—wait for it—insecure? That's just one fun fact we learned from Nicole Richie's new online video series Candidly Nicole. Have you checked it out?

There are two episodes so far—in episode one, Nicole Richie visits her doctor to find out how to get her tramp stamp removed. You can watch episode one here. In episode two, she visits a master florist and learns all about how to select flowers for her home. Did you know that if you want to invite a guy over and want to go to third base with him but don't want to "bone him" (her words), you should set out red flowers?

Ever since we first saw her on TV in The Simple Life (confession: I own every single season on DVD), we knew Nicole Richie was destined to have her own show!
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