Juice Cleanses Make Jenna Lyons 'Hangry' and Other Fun Facts

Juice Cleanses Make Jenna Lyons 'Hangry' and Other Fun Facts
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Juice Cleanses Make Jenna Lyons 'Hangry' and Other Fun Facts
The ever-quotable Jenna Lyons graces the cover of Fast Company's May 2013 issue—and inside, the J.Crew President and Creative Director delights us with more of her catchy vocabulary like how juice cleansing makes her "hangry"the worst kind of angry—hungry angry! Check out some of the best bits from the interview, right here.

On juicing:

"I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten in 10 days. I was like, errrr! errrr! with every pair of pants. The inside button would pop before I even zipped it. I was like, Oh, God! I'm a little bit mangry. Hangry mangry."

On balancing her business and creative roles:
"What it says is that no financial decision weighs heavier than a creative decision. They are equal."

On what her day is like:
"At this stage, I'm like a glorified crossing guard. It's like, try to keep people motivated, keep the traffic moving, keep people from getting stumped or stopped by a problem."

On the importance of sensitivity:
"Managing creative people—not so easy. A lot of emotion, a lot of stroking. Some people need tough love. Some people need a lot of love. There's no right or wrong answer. When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it's going to be hard to fix, because you've actually crushed them."

On how her parents' divorce motivated her:
"I'll never forget my mother standing in the tuna-fish aisle thinking, 'Are we going to get tuna fish this week?' Feeling like I never wanted to rely on a man, I was like, 'I gotta work my ass off.'"

On how CEO Mickey Drexler promoted her to president:
"It was literally a two-second conversation. He pulled me into a room and said, 'So, just want to let you know you're the president.' I was like, uh, okay. Alrighty then. Then I put my head down on the table, took 10 deep breaths, sat back up and was like, 'Okay, do I need to do anything different?' And he was like, 'No, just keep doing what you're doing.' I'm like, 'Okay,' and we walked out of the room. That was it."

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