Fashion's Biggest Personalities Reimagined as Cartoon Children

Fashion's Biggest Personalities Reimagined as Cartoon Children
(FashionCartoons) The cartoon child version of Anna Wintour

If you've ever wondered whether baby Anna Wintour ever showed early signs of world fashion domination, or whether infant Suzy Menkes sported a pre-pouf cowlick... well, join the club! An anonymous professional cartoonist has taken to the internet with speculative depictions of what s/he imagines the fashion industry's top grown-up personalities were like—as children.

There's a domineering pre-editrix cartoon Wintour demanding to sit front-row at a puppet show, baby Karl Lagerfeld being very precocious, Terry Richardson getting naked, and a child version of Miuccia Prada espousing an early version of her ugly-chic sensibilities.

As for the creator? S/he prefers to remain anonymous.

"I'm a professional in the industry, so inspiration is really all around me every single day," the blogger told Stylecaster. "When people have such creativity, attitude, genius... I really believe it must have shown somehow when they were kids. And so I try to imagine how they could have been."

Do you have a favorite fashion personality? Check out the When They Were Kids blog to see if they made it into cartoon form!
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