Former 'Observer' EIC Aaron Gell to Launch With E-Comm Site My Every Need

Former 'Observer' EIC Aaron Gell to Launch With E-Comm Site My Every Need
Former Observer Editor-in-Chief and Whitney Port—in unlikely cahoots!

Former New York Observer Editor-in-Chief Aaron Gell left the storied pink paper earlier this year after owner Jared Kushner, in a surprise move, appointed Ken Kurson to the EIC role—and offered Gell the consolation prize of stepping down into his previous, executive editor, position. Since January, Gell has been "consulting on an unnamed startup" which, according to StyleBistro sources, will launch as The Upswing this April.

According to our sources, The Upswing will be the online editorial arm of soon-to-launch e-commerce platform My Every Need. It describes itself as "an online magazine presenting a savvy mix of fashion and lifestyle content." The editorial structure will center around a monthly celebrity guest editor who "shares her unique point of view, giving us unfettered access to her style pointers, playlists, recent reads, beauty secrets, and more."
Forget the traditional celebrity interview; at The Upswing, actors, musicians, designers and major personalities are an integral part of our editorial team. Add to the mix our visually stunning shopping guides, fashion intelligence gleaned from the runway and street style trends, plus clever, approachable, upbeat, and often funny reads on beauty, health, relationships, home design, and more.
(So, basically, a fashion blog with more words than usual.)

My Every Need and are scheduled to launch April 30th. The company's first retail partners will include Macy's, Gap, Sephora, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, and Barnes & Noble. The site has also inked a partnership with the next season of America's Next Top Model, where it will be heavily promoted. Gell will serve as the editorial director of The Upswing.

Now Gell can change his bio on Twitter:

Former 'Observer' EIC Aaron Gell to Launch With E-Comm Site My Every Need

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